1)Want to hack a little on your x-box? You can start with this paper some college guy wrote. He pretty much started the flood  xbox-hack.pdf.. Others have taken it from there and now you have some great sites, try these. www.xbox-scene.com, www.the-console-corner.com, or  www.xbox-modchips.com

2) Copy DVD's?  Do not buy DVD copy Plus! Basically you're going to pay $50 bucks for 2 freeware programs (DVDx and SmartRipper) and  CD burning software that you probably already own.  (CDRWIN or PowerCDR). It also includes a set of instructions that you can find here. Huge ripoff

3) Here's an excellent page for hacking your APEX-600A DVD player....I have hacked both of mine and they work like a charm!! I have added dual boot bios with custom pictures to both of them. I have also hacked them both to be region free and macrovision free. Also no RPC checking. And if your looking for an excellent source of Region 2 DVD's go to www.blackstar.co.uk. I have ordered over $200 bucks worth of DVD's from these guys. Your credit card company does the currency conversion it's okay really it is. I have received several DVD's months ahead of the USA releases. James Bond, Stargate and more.

4) Hack your TiVo!!  This is awesome. Here are the best 2 sites for activity. www.tivocommunity.com and www.dealdatabase.com. The first site is mostly information and good clean legal hacks, no dark hacks and no tolerance for them. The second site is anything goes. You can find all sorts of TiVo hacks from disabling the daily call to free DTV on this site. The most active forum is the DirecTiVo Forums. My latest hack has been installing a Series 2 Stand Alone version 4 software into my DirecTivo. So far so good. Now I have Home networking, Folders and all sorts of other stuff. DSR7000.bak hdvr2.bak S2v4.bak Bakdoors are next. I'll post the software here if it works. Here are some links to more DirecTivo info

5) Sony's x-ray vision Video Camera info coming someday if I get the time.

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