My main Contribution to the Apple // world

My main contribution to the Apple // world

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It's not much but you wouldn't believe how many times I've seen this file posted(actually pasted) word for word on various news groups with NO mention of my name.

Yes...ladies and gentleman at long last the pinouts for a "WORKING" cable that will connect an IBM machine to an Apple Imagewriter 2 printer.

I have made and tested several of these cables all with no problems. In no time you'll be printing from Wordperfect,Lotus,PrintShop and other DOS programs.

I don't run windows so I have no clue if it will work from any windows based programs.

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The WAC BBS (503)363-0861 24hrs 14400bps

RS-232 Female----------------------------------Mini-Din-8 male

The only thing you need to do now is attach your cable to the COM1 port of your MS-DOS machine and add these lines to your autoexec.bat program.

If your using COM2: